Solve common customer problems with chatbots

March 20, 2024

Satisfying the customer as best as possible is the key to the success of any business. Satisfying the customer requires rapid and effective resolution of the various problems they may encounter. To succeed in this challenge, chatbots are emerging as tools of choice. This article is written to help you understand how these automation tools can help you resolve common customer issues.

What is a chatbot and how does it work?

The first step to solving common customer problems with chatbots is to understand how these tools work. For those unfamiliar with these tools, they are computer programs designed to simulate human conversation through instant messaging interfaces.

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They use algorithms to analyze user messages and generate appropriate responses. There are different types of chatbots, ranging from rule-based chatbots to chatbots powered by artificial intelligence. The first follows pre-established instructions to respond to user requests.

As for the latter, they use machine learning models to understand and respond in a more contextual way. It is recommended to prefer the second category to experiment innovative ways to use an online chatbot. If you don't have a chatbot integrated into your site, it's time to adopt one.

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Top common customer problems and how chatbots can solve them

If you're still hesitant about adopting a bot, knowing the common problems it can help solve can help you decide. Here are some.

Difficulty finding information

It is not uncommon for customers to have difficulty finding specific information on a site or application. After browsing for a long time, they can become frustrated, which can lead to a negative user experience and a potential drop in your sales.

Using a chatbot can help solve this problem. When the customer asks the bot, it can have an instant answer to a variety of common questions. We can cite among others:

  • Opening hours
  • store locations;
  • Return policies;


These intelligent bots can also direct customers to the right resource. For example, if they search for a specific page on the website, they may receive a link that takes them directly there.

Prolonged wait for customer support

Everyone has experienced this before. Waiting for long minutes or even hours for a customer advisor to listen or answer a question was very common. However, the wait is a source of frustration for customers.

To avoid this, the use of a chatbot is essential. Unlike a human customer service representative, chatbots offer instant, 24/7 support. No matter how many concerns are being addressed, no customer needs to wait. Day and night and even during non-working days, they are active and very responsive. You can be sure, there is nothing better for maintaining customer satisfaction.

Order or billing errors

Order or billing errors are common problems customers encounter when shopping online. This may include errors such as missing or incorrect items in an order, unexpected shipping charges, or billing errors.

When a customer faces this situation, a chatbot can quickly gather information about their problem. He may, taking into account the situation, propose appropriate solutions, such as refunds, exchanges or billing adjustments. It can also redirect the customer to a human customer advisor who can better resolve the problem.

Inconsistent customer support

When customers encounter problems or have questions, they expect to receive consistent and reliable support from customer service. However, sometimes customer support is inconsistent, with responses varying from agent to agent or communication channel to communication channel.

With chatbots, this problem cannot arise. Thanks to their programming, they provide accurate and uniform information, regardless of when the customer interacts with them. Additionally, chatbots can be integrated across different communication platforms, ensuring a consistent experience across all channels.

Finally, it should be noted that adopting a bot can help you drastically reduce the number of staff dedicated to customer service. This therefore represents a huge saving in human and financial resources. You can then use them for other tasks. So there are so many reasons to take the plunge and adopt a bot.